Survive the rest of winter with DaVinci Gourmet®


DaVinci offers a wide variety of hot and cold beverage ingredients.

The holidays are over, but the cold weather has only begun. There are still several months of cold hands and pink noses, even though spring looks like it’s around the corner. Get through the cold with hot beverage options by DaVinci Gourmet®.

Lollicup offers a wide selection of DaVinci Gourmet’s products. Syrups, sauces and smoothie mixes are just a few examples. For a quick, easy and delicious premade treat, DaVinci offers hot beverage powder mixes that are sure to warm you up, whether it is raining, snowing or just plain freezing.

For a hot flavored cup of tea, DaVinci’s Tahitian Vanilla Chai Latte Mix is the perfect choice. The chai latte mix is made with delicious black tea, vanilla and various spices, including clove, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. This mix is extremely easy to make, and can also be used to make an iced or frozen drink. Lollicup Store also offers the East India Spice Chai Latte Mix, which is another great option.

DaVinci’s Gourmet Cocoa Mix is another good choice for a soothingly warm treat. The Chocolate Truffle Gourmet Cocoa Mix is made with delicious dark chocolate.

For other hot beverage creations, DaVinci’s sauces make a great topping! Drizzle caramel on top of a coffee drink, or double up on chocolate by adding chocolate sauce to your cocoa!

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