Splendid summer treats with Dole® and Frostline®

dole soft serve

(Courtesy of Kent Precision Foods)

Lollicup vendors, Dole® and Frostline®, offer mixes for cold treats that are perfect to serve in the summertime.

In case you hadn’t noticed already, Lollicup carries a favorite of many who have tasted it – the classic Dole Pineapple Soft Serve Mix.

This mix creates the smooth and delicious Dole Whip that has pineapple lovers waiting in long lines for it.

While many are aware of the delicious pineapple flavoring, they do not know that there are other flavors of the soft serve mix available.

Lollicup also sells the mixes in raspberry, strawberry and a few other flavors, which are lactose free and vegan.


Frostline soft serve

(Courtesy of Kent Precision Foods)

Frostline Frozen Treats also have soft serve mixes available, including chocolate and vanilla. Both mixes are lactose, gluten and cholesterol free.

Frostline Simply Smoothies™ Base Mix is also offered. The mix is extremely versatile with its preparation options. It is also certified dairy kosher and is gluten and cholesterol free.

For more information about Dole and Frostline products at Lollicup, contact your sales representative.

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