Do you have all the necessary ingredients and equipment to start your business, but still feel like you need extra assistance? Contact us about our one-one-one training. Lollicup USA’s professional trainers will give you the inside scoop on the company’s specialty drinks, as well as valuable information on how to operate your business. Lollicup USA provide both private and group training in various programs.

Certified Training

Friday Seminars (3 hours)

Our Friday seminars are designed for beginners and cover general information as well as samples of basic flavors and recipes.
*Class fee is $50.00 per person and based on availability

2-Hour Quick Training (2 hours)

A dedicated training course tailored toward items that customers have purchased and specifically require additional guidance on.
*Minimum purchase of $500.00 of consumable products

3-Day Comprehensive Training (3 days)

A full-length training course for new businesses in need of recipe and product training before their business operations begin.
*$3500.00 (materials and lunch included) for 2 people

1-Day Distributor/Chain Account Training (1 day)

Training for distributors and chain accounts that purchase various product lines and would like to learn product details and recipes to enhance sales knowledge.
*Minimum purchase of $500.00 of consumable products


Dress Code

Proper Attire Includes:
  • Business casual clothing
  • Long pants
  • Slip resistant shoes (NOT athletic shoes)
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Caps/visors are required for all hair types
Prohibited Attire Includes:
  • Sleeveless tops, sweatshirts and/or sweatpants
  • Dresses, skirts, and/or shorts
  • Open toe shoes, high heels, and/or soft sole shoes
  • Loose and/or large accessories/jewerly
  • Excessive facial hair and/or nail polish


For more details regarding each class, please see our Training Program Flyer.

Please Note: Our training program is subject to change. Please check with your sales representative for the most up-to-date information.