Lollicup USA begins operation of manufacturing plant


After a year of research and development, Lollicup USA has begun its production of disposable plastic cups at the end of April and will be distributing its Karat® line of “made-in-USA” cups to its customers today. Paper cold cups will go into production in June.

“Manufacturing in the U.S. is gaining traction. More and more companies are bringing manufacturing back, and more and more consumers are looking for American-made products. Consumers trust the quality and are very supportive,” stated co-founder, President and CEO of Lollicup USA. “We moved manufacturing from Asia to the U.S. because we saw the increasing demand of American-made products and a trend of consumers having a preference for these products. The cost of labor in Asia has also risen significantly and there are too many uncertainties.”

20140507_165315The 300,300 square-foot facility houses the company’s offices, distribution, and a new state of the art production plant, which features automated high-capacity and high-speed German equipment allowing Lollicup to manufacture up to one million cups per day. Plastic pellets are mixed with recycled plastic and melted to liquid form, then rolled to a flat sheet and cut to size. No materials are wasted as any excess plastic used to form the plastic cups are reused.

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