New MilkTeaBLAST powders make amazing milk teas, fast

Milk tea is a Lollicup specialty. Milk tea is what has brought Lollicup® USA Inc. to where it is today. The company began as just a small bubble tea store in San Gabriel, CA. Because of this, you can trust Lollicup to come up with incredible products to make exceptional teas.


Nagasaki, Hokkaido and Okinawa flavors are now available at Lollicup USA.

In addition to its well renowned tea leaves and milk tea powder, Lollicup USA’s Tea Zone® brand has added a brand new line of tasty instant milk tea powders. This new MilkTeaBLAST powder is available in three flavors: Hokkaido, Nagasaki and Okinawa.

MilkTeaBLAST Hokkaido creates an incredibly creamy milk tea. The Hokkaido flavor has similarities to the flavor of a traditional milk tea. This flavor is perfect for those seeking something a little more classic.

Nagasaki has the tasty flavor of green tea and honey. Since most traditional milk teas are made from black tea leaves, the green tea in the Nagasaki powder might be a nice change for anyone looking to try something a bit different.

MilkTeaBLAST Okinawa is flavored with sweet brown sugar. This powder creates a rich, full-bodied tea with the distinct flavor of brown sugar.

Each of these flavors is very simple to use. None of these require tea leaves or brewing. A combination of MilkTeaBLAST, non-dairy creamer and hot water can create a very fast and exquisite drink for thirsty, tea-craving customers.

Enjoy a MilkTeaBLAST beverage blended, iced or hot, and be sure to add Tea Zone boba, jellies, pudding or popping pearls for the ultimate taste experience.

Karat® Earth brings in new products

Lollicup USA Inc. is continuing its efforts to bring more environmentally friendly products to its customers by increasing its line of bagasse products.


Karat Earth brings in new products to encourage greener practices for its customers.

Karat® Earth has added three bowl sizes to its existing eco-based bagasse line, which is BPI certified. Lollicup now offers bowls, plates and hinged containers in various sizes. A recyclable PET lid to fit 9” bagasse plates was also recently released. These lids keep food fresh and warm, and they allow for easy takeout meals.

Bagasse is made from the remaining fibers of sugar cane stalk. These fibers are extremely durable, which is why it is so perfect for disposable packaging.

With the addition of these products, Karat Earth has everything needed to run an environmentally friendly operation. Karat customers can now serve their foods, drinks and desserts in nothing but sustainable materials. This includes Karat® Earth PLA plastic cups, lids and deli containers.

Lollicup USA began its sustainable Karat Earth line several years ago to give customers the option to do their part to reduce waste. By encouraging customers to adopt more eco-friendly practices, the company hopes to help reduce the amount of waste that piles up in landfills.

Lollicup USA will soon carry syrups by 1883

Lollicup® USA Inc. is excited to announce that it will begin carrying 50 delicious syrups by French company, 1883 Maison Routin. Customers can now purchase these exclusive syrups from Lollicup USA.

The hallmark of 1883 is its commitment to purity and excellence. Not only do these syrups have a high-end look, they are crafted with taste satisfaction in mind. The company’s unique flavors include passion fruit, Yuzu lemon, pistachio and much more.1883’s syrups have a natural flavor, making them perfect for coffee houses, bars, frozen yogurt shops and juice bars.


1883 Maison Routin offers many premium flavors, perfect for cocktails, sodas, coffee and more.

By becoming a distributor of 1883, Lollicup USA has made these syrups much more accessible to the west coast area. The company’s distribution centers in California, Washington and South Carolina will all have 1883 syrups in stock. This overall increases the brand’s presence across the United States.

Alan Yu, Lollicup USA co-founder and CEO, said by making these syrups more accessible domestically, the company will be able to sell 1883 syrups at a very competitive price compared to other high-end brands flavored syrups. Lollicup is one of the few American companies to carry 1883’s products. It is also the only distributor to carry it on the west coast.

Joanne Wang, vice president of sales and operations at Lollicup USA, said until now 1883 has had a limited presence in the U.S. distributor network. She said most distributors have a difficult time finding a re-distributor like Lollicup USA that carries the syrup locally.

She said with this new selection, Lollicup USA is expected to see an increase in mid-sized reseller and ecommerce business.

Customers will have two different options for purchasing the syrups, since Lollicup USA will also be selling them on its ecommerce website, All syrups are expected to arrive by April 2016.

Monin smoothie mixes ease heat wave


Monin smoothie mixes are great for warm days.

Here at Lollicup USA’s headquarters in California, we’ve been experiencing a heat wave! It definitely does not feel like winter, and it has inspired us to start thinking about refreshing drinks that are perfect for warmer days.

Get prepared now, with delicious products by Monin®.

Tasty smoothies are always a favorite among customers in the summer and spring. Monin smoothie mixes are an incredible all natural option for creating a flavorful cold smoothie.

All smoothie mixes by Monin are dairy free and gluten free, which makes them great for almost anyone to enjoy. These are a delicious alternative to dairy-based beverages.

With these mixes, you can also be a bit more creative by making cold milkshakes or frozen cocktails.

Lollicup® USA carries six different flavors of Monin’s smoothie mix, including Piña Colada, which is a tropical favorite.

Wildberry Fruit Smoothie mix is an excellent option for those seeking the fresh taste of a ripe piece of fruit. Each of these mixes are sure to satisfy any fruity craving.

For more products by Monin, contact your sales representative today!

Get ready to soak up the sun – prep. for warmer months with DaVinci

With summer right around the corner again, now is a great time to start thinking about what cold treats you will put on your menu this year.


DaVinci Strawberry Bomb Smoothie Mix.

For a quick, simple and complete summer beverage, try a DaVinci Gourmet® iced drink mix. Lollicup® offers both blended ice bases and blended ice coffee powder mixes that create amazingly sweet beverages.

Tasty frappe mixes are available in chocolate, white chocolate and vanilla flavors.

DaVinci also offers some of its frappe mixes in “skinny” low calorie, low fat and low sugar options. The skinny collection includes the Skinny Vanilla Freeze and Skinny Freeze Chocolate. These are delicious alternatives for those who are being a bit more conscious of calorie intake.

For all of the coffee lovers out there, DaVinci offers several icy options with its line of blended ice coffee mixes. The Kona Mocha Freeze, Mocha Freeze, Chocolate Chunk Freeze and more are absolutely perfect for a caffeine fix on a warm spring day.

DaVinci smoothie mixes are great for those who crave fruity flavors instead of chocolate or coffee. These mixes are made with real sugar, real fruit purees and no preservatives. Lollicup carries many flavors including, Extreme Peach, Strawberry Bomb, Mango Mania and more.

If you are looking for something less creamy and more refreshing try a DaVinci Gourmet syrup for a perfect soda or flavored seltzer water. These can even be used to create a spring or summer cocktail!

Help your customers celebrate the warmth of spring and summer with some of these delectable options.

For more information on DaVinci products, please contact your sales representative!

Update on crude oil prices, and how it affects your costs

A few months ago, we published an article about the drop in crude oil prices worldwide. Yesterday, Jan. 19, Huffington Post reported an additional decrease in crude oil prices nationally and internationally. Oil prices were below $28 per barrel on Monday, which is the lowest price since 2003 according to Huffington Post.

With crude oil prices continuing to decrease, we are keeping an eye on the market to see when and how we can help you save money on Karat® food service disposables. Remember, When Karat saves, you save!

See below for our last post on oil prices:


Changes in oil costs may be affecting your prices

Originally posted Nov. 2, 2015

The slow and steady drop in oil prices over the past year has many concerned for the health and stability of the economy. This decrease in crude oil costs has been in progress since late 2014, according to Plastics News.

The future of these prices and whether they will increase significantly is still uncertain. Some prices have increased to almost $50 a barrel (compared to $45 and below), but these small increases seem to be short-lived.

It has been predicted that prices will begin increasing slightly in 2016, from about $49 to $53 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA); however, the EIA crude oil price summary illustrates that these increases are far from where we once were with crude oil costs.

The plastics industry is often heavily affected by economic changes like these. In the case of cheaper oil, this is actually slightly beneficially to manufacturers like Karat®, as well as its customers. This could be considered a silver lining to the volatile and unclear future of the oil market.

“The plastics industry can expect to have relatively low oil prices for the next two or three years as demand catches up with supply …” according to Plastics News.

For those in the plastics industry this means the price of plastic resins for the creation of foodservice disposables and other plastic products is lower and will probably remain lower for a while. PP, PS and PET resins have all experienced price drops in recent months.

In August, each of these resins experienced a price drop, with PET having the largest decrease in price (4 cents), according to Plastics News. By September, the prices were still lower than normal. Prices have since come up very slightly, but not enough to be felt by those purchasing resin.

Karat has paid close attention to these economic changes and has begun adjusting prices based on how much money is spent on resin. The less money Karat spends on resin, the more money Karat’s customers save on their food service disposable products.

Survive the rest of winter with DaVinci Gourmet®


DaVinci offers a wide variety of hot and cold beverage ingredients.

The holidays are over, but the cold weather has only begun. There are still several months of cold hands and pink noses, even though spring looks like it’s around the corner. Get through the cold with hot beverage options by DaVinci Gourmet®.

Lollicup offers a wide selection of DaVinci Gourmet’s products. Syrups, sauces and smoothie mixes are just a few examples. For a quick, easy and delicious premade treat, DaVinci offers hot beverage powder mixes that are sure to warm you up, whether it is raining, snowing or just plain freezing.

For a hot flavored cup of tea, DaVinci’s Tahitian Vanilla Chai Latte Mix is the perfect choice. The chai latte mix is made with delicious black tea, vanilla and various spices, including clove, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. This mix is extremely easy to make, and can also be used to make an iced or frozen drink. Lollicup Store also offers the East India Spice Chai Latte Mix, which is another great option.

DaVinci’s Gourmet Cocoa Mix is another good choice for a soothingly warm treat. The Chocolate Truffle Gourmet Cocoa Mix is made with delicious dark chocolate.

For other hot beverage creations, DaVinci’s sauces make a great topping! Drizzle caramel on top of a coffee drink, or double up on chocolate by adding chocolate sauce to your cocoa!

Get noticed this year – Have your products custom printed

One of those most difficult aspects of running your own business is making sure that your customers are familiar with your brand.

Recognition is a lot harder to get that it seems it would be. Of course, word of mouth is always a good tool, but an extra push would be even better.

Need some direction on how to get that extra push? Try Lollicup USA’s custom print services.

Make 2016 the year that you get noticed. Make it the year that your business becomes a household name in your area!

Custom printing your brand or logo on your cups, napkins, straw wrappers etc. is a simple and creative way to spread the word about your incredible services.

Since Lollicup USA began manufacturing in the United States, it has brought in four printers, including three 6-color printers and one 8-color printer. These printers might be the first step in taking your business to the next level.

Our short turnaround time, which is between 8 and 14 weeks, will allow you to begin showing off your product in no time!

Here is a complete list of the products you can buy and have custom printed:

  • PET Cold Cups
  • Paper Cold Cups
  • Hot Paper Cups
  • Paper Food Containers
  • Eco-Hot Paper Cups (Karat® Earth)
  • Cold (PLA) Cups (Karat® Earth)
  • PolyPro/PP Cups
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Sealing film for PET and PP Cups
  • Tulip or Traditional Cup Jackets
  • Beverage and Dinner Napkins
  • Food Buckets
  • Straw Wrappers
  • Insulated Hot Cups
  • PP/PLA Deli Containers
  • Fold-To-Go Boxes.

For more information about our custom printing services, please contact us! We can give you more information about lead times, minimums and more!

Delicious products channel Thanksgiving flavor

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! We are just a little over a week away from every foodie’s favorite holiday.

Begin the celebration early this year with the classic sweet flavors of the holiday. Add a bit of Thanksgiving flavor to your coffee or cocoa drinks for a taste of the feast to come. Here are some of our suggestions:


Pumpkin pie:


DaVinci Gourmet Pumpkin Pie Sauce

Instead of prematurely overeating pumpkin pie, try out a pumpkin pie flavored syrup or sauce! We offer products by Torani and DaVinci that are sure to put a pause on your craving – at least until Thanksgiving arrives!


Pumpkin spice:

Of course, this is a well-known fall favorite. Pumpkin spice is everywhere this season, from food items to scented candles. This year, try out Big Train’s Pumpkin Spice Blended Ice Coffee Mix! Who says you have to enjoy pumpkin spice as only a hot drink? Be bold and drink it cold.



If you can’t wait for the sugary taste of cranberry sauce, try Monin’s Cranberry Syrup! Add this syrup into a tea, lemonade, cocktail or a soda!
This syrup is perfect for those craving something more than cocoa and coffee, and adds a tart flavor to your most refreshing drinks.



We have myriad caramel lovers; from frappe mixes to sauces. For just a hint of caramel added to your drink or dessert, try out one of the many caramel sauces or syrups. Several brands offer them. For a complete caramel experience, try a latte, frappe or iced coffee mix.



Apple is another fall favorite; whether it is dipped in caramel or enjoyed in a pie. Pump a little apple flavored syrup in your cocktails, sodas or iced teas for a deliciously crisp and sweet flavor. We offer syrups by a variety of brands!