Karat releases new products

New Karat products arranged in a shot

New products this season include paper food buckets, sealing film and fold-to-go containers.

Karat® is constantly getting new and improved products! Here is a listing of the latest:

Fold To-Go Boxes

Karat now has fold-to-go food boxes in several sizes! They are available in Kraft color. These containers are great for packing up your customers’ leftovers or for packing up meals to-go. They can hold various types of food and are microwavable, cut and leak resistant and have a poly lining.


Paper Short Buckets

The new 32 ounce and 48 ounce Karat paper short buckets can hold a plate full of food. They can contain hot or cold food, but are not good for holding items that are high in liquid, like soups. The buckets can hold gravy and sauces. Matching OPS lids are also available for these containers.


Food Buckets

The new white 85 oz. and 130 oz. food buckets with paper lids are now available for purchase. These food buckets are perfect for holding foods like fried chicken, popcorn and pastries. All of the buckets come with lids, which fit perfectly into a groove at the top of the bucket. Each case of 85 oz. buckets has 180 buckets and lids. Each case of 130 oz. buckets has 125 buckets and lids.


Generic Seals

Karat also has new generic seals. The 95 mm. seal for PP cups now come in a new fruity print. These seals will look great on top of vibrant, summery drinks. The new 98 mm. seal comes in fleur, which matches the fleur cup jackets. Although cup jackets are typically used for hot drinks, they are also great for keeping iced drinks from chilling fingers to the bone.


Continue to check back with us for the most recent news about our company, and for updates on new products. For more information, contact your sales representative.

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