Green Commitment

Lollicup® USA is committed to:

  • Maximizing energy efficiency in materials and manufacturing processes used
  • Promoting the environmental attributes of its eco-friendly line
  • Researching and developing new materials, products, and technologies that further reduce its carbon footprint
  • Promoting recycling through the use of recycled content
  • Utilizing renewable resources


Our Efforts
Due to its commitment to significantly reduce waste, the company’s Chino headquarters boasts a state-of-the-art energy-saving LED lighting system, and an environmentally-friendly heating and air conditioning system. Lollicup USA’s efforts continue through its recycling practices, and through minimizing the use of paper materials in its offices. Lollicup USA also regularly sends compacted cardboard carton boxes from the warehouse to recycling centers.

Karat® Earth is the company’s environmental product line, developed from the idea that living green can help people save green. Karat Earth products are compostable in commercial composting facilities, and can be converted back to monomer and poly or composted into water, carbon dioxide, and organic materials. The Karat Earth line offers bio-based utensils, food containers, and straws, as well as eco-friendly paper hot cups, which are Cedar Grove Certified. Karat compostable plastic products are made with NatureWorks® Ingeo, a biopolymer that is nonvolatile.

Lighting and electronic signage are important components of our cafés and are big users of energy in Lollicup retail stores. Years ago, Lollicup retail stores switched to LED lights to reduce its energy use.

By building more energy-efficient stores and facilities, Lollicup USA strives to reduce the environmental footprint of all of its business operations.


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