Get ready to soak up the sun – prep. for warmer months with DaVinci

With summer right around the corner again, now is a great time to start thinking about what cold treats you will put on your menu this year.


DaVinci Strawberry Bomb Smoothie Mix.

For a quick, simple and complete summer beverage, try a DaVinci Gourmet® iced drink mix. Lollicup® offers both blended ice bases and blended ice coffee powder mixes that create amazingly sweet beverages.

Tasty frappe mixes are available in chocolate, white chocolate and vanilla flavors.

DaVinci also offers some of its frappe mixes in “skinny” low calorie, low fat and low sugar options. The skinny collection includes the Skinny Vanilla Freeze and Skinny Freeze Chocolate. These are delicious alternatives for those who are being a bit more conscious of calorie intake.

For all of the coffee lovers out there, DaVinci offers several icy options with its line of blended ice coffee mixes. The Kona Mocha Freeze, Mocha Freeze, Chocolate Chunk Freeze and more are absolutely perfect for a caffeine fix on a warm spring day.

DaVinci smoothie mixes are great for those who crave fruity flavors instead of chocolate or coffee. These mixes are made with real sugar, real fruit purees and no preservatives. Lollicup carries many flavors including, Extreme Peach, Strawberry Bomb, Mango Mania and more.

If you are looking for something less creamy and more refreshing try a DaVinci Gourmet syrup for a perfect soda or flavored seltzer water. These can even be used to create a spring or summer cocktail!

Help your customers celebrate the warmth of spring and summer with some of these delectable options.

For more information on DaVinci products, please contact your sales representative!

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