Embrace fall flavors from Lollicup USA

1883 is a very high-quality syrup brand that specializes in creating authentic flavor.

1883 is a high-quality syrup brand that specializes in creating authentic flavor.

Halloween is on its way, so now is a great tome to bring out delicious fall flavor.

The passing of summer is always a bit bittersweet. The warm air and sunny, blue sky is replaced by a new crisp atmosphere. The leaves change and a cool breeze comes in, and now pumpkin spice has permeated what seems like every coffee shop, cafe and restaurant in America.

Be prepared. Stock up on all of the fall favorites to keep your customers coming back this season.

Lollicup USA carries all of the products you need to keep up with the demand. The company carries many different brands with top-notch products.

Earlier this year, the company brought in premium quality syrups by 1883 Maison Routin, a French company that focuses on creating extremely authentic flavors. 1883 offers several flavors that would be delicious in a fall treat. Try out pumpkin spice, hazelnut, caramel, apple and more.

Torani offers a delicious pumpkin pie sauce that can be drizzled over a refreshing coffee drink, hot chocolate or dessert item. Torani also offers syrups that work perfectly for celebrating fall.

Chai is another great flavor that is enjoyed all year, but is especially great in the fall. Lollicup USA offers many chai options, from latte mixes to flavored syrups.

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