Delicious products channel Thanksgiving flavor

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! We are just a little over a week away from every foodie’s favorite holiday.

Begin the celebration early this year with the classic sweet flavors of the holiday. Add a bit of Thanksgiving flavor to your coffee or cocoa drinks for a taste of the feast to come. Here are some of our suggestions:


Pumpkin pie:


DaVinci Gourmet Pumpkin Pie Sauce

Instead of prematurely overeating pumpkin pie, try out a pumpkin pie flavored syrup or sauce! We offer products by Torani and DaVinci that are sure to put a pause on your craving – at least until Thanksgiving arrives!


Pumpkin spice:

Of course, this is a well-known fall favorite. Pumpkin spice is everywhere this season, from food items to scented candles. This year, try out Big Train’s Pumpkin Spice Blended Ice Coffee Mix! Who says you have to enjoy pumpkin spice as only a hot drink? Be bold and drink it cold.



If you can’t wait for the sugary taste of cranberry sauce, try Monin’s Cranberry Syrup! Add this syrup into a tea, lemonade, cocktail or a soda!
This syrup is perfect for those craving something more than cocoa and coffee, and adds a tart flavor to your most refreshing drinks.



We have myriad caramel lovers; from frappe mixes to sauces. For just a hint of caramel added to your drink or dessert, try out one of the many caramel sauces or syrups. Several brands offer them. For a complete caramel experience, try a latte, frappe or iced coffee mix.



Apple is another fall favorite; whether it is dipped in caramel or enjoyed in a pie. Pump a little apple flavored syrup in your cocktails, sodas or iced teas for a deliciously crisp and sweet flavor. We offer syrups by a variety of brands!


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