Check out the latest products at Lollicup USA

Each year, the company brings in many new products and product lines to help its customers continue to run their businesses smoothly.

Here are the latest products at Lollicup USA this year:

Inspire wanderlust with the new Atlas hot cup by Karat.

Inspire wanderlust with the new Atlas hot cup by Karat.

Aluminum foil pop up sheets, food containers and lids:

Aluminum containers are available in various sizes and are great for hot or cold foods, to-go orders and more. Foil laminated paper board lids and OPS dome lids fit perfectly to keep foods covered. Aluminum foil sheets are recyclable and safe for use in the oven. These leak resistant items help maintain food temperature and moisture. Karat aluminum products are ISO 9001 certified.

The Atlas hot cup:

The Atlas design is new and inspired by the universal love for hot beverages around the globe. Karat® paper hot cups are sturdy, recyclable and made with high-quality paper.The Atlas hot cup fits with all Karat® 90mm enclosure and sipper dome lid.

Paper shopping bags:

These kraft paper bags feature twisted handles, making them great for carrying items on the go. Multiple sizes will be available. These bags are made from 70- 90 percent recycled material. They are also reusable and recyclable. Custom printing is available.

Grease resistant deli paper:

Wrap your food and line your food baskets with grease-proof paper sheets by Karat. These sheets are grease resistant to keep your food presentation nice and clean. Choose from kraft or white pre-cut sheets to fit your business needs. Looking for a perfect match? Custom printing services are also available

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