Lollicup, a big success at NRA Show

Lollicup USA NRA booth

Lollicup USA featured both Tea Zone and Karat products.

Lollicup USA, Inc. showcased a variety of Karat and Tea Zone products at this year’s NRA Show.

The annual show, held in Chicago by the National Restaurant Association, is one of the largest in the restaurant industry. There were more than 2,000 exhibitors, ranging from giant distributors to small businesses.

Lollicup had a large booth set up on the showroom floor that emphasized tons of great products, including the eco-friendly Karat Earth product line.

Karat Earth display at NRA

Karat displayed many products, including it’s eco-friendly line.

Lollicup is determined to help its customers reduce their carbon footprint through its line of polylactide (PLA) plastics.

Karat Earth also displayed its line of plates, bowls and hinged containers made from a sturdy material called bagasse – the remaining fibers after sugarcane is removed from its stalk.

With all of these earth-conscious products available, Lollicup is proving itself to be at the forefront of the trend of environmental sustainability.

Samples of beautifully crafted, brightly colored slushes made with Tea Zone syrup and juicy popping pearls were handed out to guests. Some were curious about the boba-shaped pearls while others were already knowledgeable about the product. Guests who were new to popping pearls were stunned at the somewhat startling, but delicious, burst of flavor.

Lollicup’s presence at the event was a huge success! Keep an eye out for Lollicup at next year’s NRA Show for more Karat and Tea Zone products.

Ghirardelli® visits Lollicup for vendor open house

A customer gets hands on experience with the blender.


Ghirardelli® came by the office today to discuss tasty frappé recipes and the great products used to make them, as part of the Lollicup USA vendor open house.

Ghirardelli’s new vanilla flavored premium powder base, as well as its white mocha and mocha frappé mix can be combined with ice and any drink to create the perfect summer treat. Teas, liquor, juices and fruit can all be used with these powders.

Today Ghirardelli demonstrated the citrus dream frappe – which is a mix of the vanilla flavored powder base, any citrusy juice and ice – white chocolate mocha with Oreo cookies and mocha with pecan and caramel (made to mimic the taste of a pecan turtle candy).

Ghirardelli also offers syrups, other frappé mixes and hot cocoa, which can be purchased through Lollicup.

For those interested in using Ghirardelli products to create foods and drinks, the chocolate connoisseur offers a complimentary “made with” program to brand items with the Ghirardelli name.

Lollicup encourages its customers to sign up for these demonstrations to gain more insight on products, point of sale material and more.

For more information on the next open house, to register or to check for availability, please contact your sales representative or email

Lollicup® Fresh Brea celebrates grand opening weekend

Ribbon cutting ceremony lead by Alan Yu

Friday afternoon we celebrated the Grand Opening of our newest Lollicup Fresh location in the Brea Mall food court. This is the third Lollicup Fresh and fifth location to be owned and operated by Lollicup USA, Inc. CTI TV, city officials, representatives, and the Brea Chamber of Commerce joined us for recognition and a ribbon cutting ceremony at noon.

Lollicup Fresh storefront with balloons

Alan Yu presented with a plaque     Alan Yu speaking to the crowd

We were presented with certificates of recognition from the Brea City Council, US Representative Ed Royce’s office, and the State Board of Equalization as well as a plaque from the Brea Chamber of Commerce recognizing our membership. Following the certificates, our President and CEO Alan Yu gave a speech touching on the fact that this is corporate’s first mall location and the first location in a Simon mall. He expressed that we hope to continue to expand to other mall locations and even announced that we will begin franchising again in about 4 months. His speech was followed by the cutting of the ribbon in front of the store.

Boba milk teas were handed out to guests     Guests also received Lollicup tote bags

Members in attendance were given Boba Milk Teas and popcorn chicken as well as a Lollicup Fresh souvenir tote bag and water bottle with a Lollicup USA, Inc. 2015 calendar and VIP Rewards card.

A line formed at one o’clock and persisted throughout the day as we handed out free Boba Milk Teas. The crowds continued through the weekend and Lollicup drink cups could be seen throughout the mall.

Thank you to those of you who joined us and made our Grand Opening weekend a success!

Don’t forget until the 31st we are giving out a free 12oz popcorn chicken when you check in on Yelp or like us on Facebook!

Dole® / Frostline® Vendor Open House

Guests sampled tasty Dole Whip.

Dole® and Frostline® stopped by today to cool us off from this recent heat wave with a soft serve demo!

From Disneyland’s Dole Pineapple Whip to Universal Studio’s Dole Mango Banana Soft Serve drink at its Minion Mayhem attraction, Dole soft serve has made quite the reputation for itself.

Did you know that Dole soft serve is not only dairy free but gluten free and vegan as well? This delicious treat is a wonderful alternative to traditional soft serve and offers several delicious fruit flavors. We got to try the new lemon flavor today and we loved it!

Frostline soft serve was a topic of discussion at this weeks’s event.

We bet you didn’t know it but Sizzler® has been serving Frostline Vanilla and Chocolate soft serve! Frostline soft serve is also gluten free and even lactose free which is great news for people with lactose intolerance.

Thinking about supplementing your frozen dessert line? Dole and Frostline come in dry, shelf-stable form and are easy to mix. Not to mention, you can get a free starter kit with a mixing bucket, two bags of soft serve, and a wire whisk so you can see just how easy it is yourself. Just ask your Sales Representative for more information.

Our next open house will be featuring Dr. Smoothie on May 6th. If you would like to sign up, please contact your Sales Representative or email

Lollicup® Fresh Brea officially opens

Lollicup Fresh Brea is now open for business.

Lollicup® USA, Inc. is proud to announce the Grand Opening of our 3rd Lollicup® Fresh Coffee & Tea location in Brea, CA. The anticipated opening date is slated for May 1, 2015 in the Brea Mall food court. The festivities will kick off with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 12pm with Lollicup® USA, Inc. President and CEO, Alan Yu and the Brea Chamber of Commerce in attendance.

In honor of our store launch, Lollicup® Fresh Brea will be running four promotions throughout the month. We invite all of you to join us on this special day and take part in the promotions listed below!

  • Receive a free cup of Boba Milk Tea between 1pm-5pm (May 1st only)
  • Get a free water bottle & tote bag when you spend $20 or more (May 1-3)
  • Check into our Yelp or Facebook page and get a free 12oz Popcorn Chicken (redeemable May 4-31)
  • Buy 1 get 1 free drink (valid May 4-31) at Brea location only

“We are honored to be part of the Brea community and cannot be more excited to provide a different type of dining experience for our customers in the Brea Mall. Our menu offers a wide range of freshly made food and drinks that can satisfy any taste bud, while being truly affordable.” – Shaun Ito, Vice President of Lollicup® Franchising LLC.

Official Press Release

Ride the healthy drink wave this summer

IMG_6905   IMG_6907
IMG_6922   IMG_6902

Summer is just around the corner and Kerry paid us a visit just in time to give our customers a taste of what flavor combinations will be all the rage this Summer.

Kerry continues to expand their product line with distinct flavors and ingredients, in order to remain competitive with emerging beverage trends worldwide. Some of their brands include: DaVinci Gourmet, Jet™ Smoothies, Oregon Chai® Teas and Caffe D’Amore®.

During our vendor open house, Kerry presented us with a beverage trend forecast for Spring and Summer 2015. Our customers were able to learn firsthand what type of drinks will sell well during the hottest months of the year. Refreshing fruit and vegetable flavored smoothies, juices, and waters are what consumers want to see this Summer. To learn more about Kerry and new recipes, sign up for our next open house! Contact your sales representative or email for more info.

Lollicup® Fresh Brea to hold a Grand Opening event

lollifresh brea

Lollicup USA, Inc. is proud to announce the Grand Opening of our 5th Lollicup Fresh location in Brea, CA. The anticipated opening date is slated for May 1, 2015 at the Brea Mall food court beginning 11:00am.

In the spirit of our store launch, we will be having 3 promotions going on throughout the day. We welcome all our new and existing friends to come join us on this special day!

  • Receive a free cup of Boba Milk Tea between 1pm-5pm (May 1st only)
  • Get a free water bottle & tote bag when you spend $20 or more (May 1-3)
  • Check into our Yelp or Facebook page, get a free 12oz Popcorn Chicken (redeemable between May 4-31).
  • Buy 1 get 1 free drink (valid May 4-31) at Brea location only

Monin presents new recipes and samples products

Monin dropped by our office today to enlighten us and our customers about new seasonal recipes and offerings. They offer over 140 products including syrups (premium, organic, sugar-free), concentrates, sauces, purees, and smoothie mixes that are perfect for cafe’s quick service restaurants, and bars. It was a fruity and flavorful seminar, and we can’t wait for our customers to experiment with these new recipes at their store.