Lollicup USA begins carrying Califia Farms products


Califia Farms products are the perfect dairy substitute.

Make sure your lactose intolerant and vegan customers do not miss out on your delectable food and drinks. Stock up on almond milk products!

Califia Farms offers many flavorful dairy substitutes to enhance the flavor of some of your best products.

Califia Farms uses almonds that are grown on a family-owned farm about 30 miles away from the company’s production facility. These products have a very high-quality flavor. The almonds used are blanched before they are turned into meal. No almond by-product is left over in the production process.

Here are some details on the products Lollicup USA carries:

Barista Blend:

Barista blend was created for baristas to use as a direct replacement for milk. This product will steam and create a foam similarly to a the foam on a traditional cappuccino. This is perfect for customers who want to add designs to their beverages. These products will incorporate fully, unlike other dairy substitutes.

Better Half Original and Better Half Unsweetened:

Better half is a great replacement for half and half. This product is very versatile and can be used for both food and drink applications. This product uses coconut cream to create an authentic creamy texture, and for added sweetness.

Almond Milk Creamer:

Add this to milk, tea and more. This product is the perfect substitute for milk-based creamers.

Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee:

Califia Farms uses cold water to create its cold brew coffee. This coffee is made from 100 percent Arabica coffee.

Lollicup USA expands into to Wilmer, TX

Lollicup USA is adding inventory to its new warehouse.

Lollicup USA is adding inventory to its new warehouse.

A team of Lollicup USA employees have made their way to Wilmer, TX to begin preparations for opening the company’s newest warehouse.

The warehouse, which is about 150,000 square-feet, will help cater to the southwest region of the United States, including Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Thus far, 45 truckloads full of products have been unloaded as another 13 truckloads heads to the new facility.

This is just the first phase of a major expansion into Texas. Lollicup USA will build its very own 450,000 square-foot facility in Rockwall, TX. Once completed the company will begin logistics and production, expanding its presence as a U.S.-based manufacturer.

New extruder installed at Lollicup USA manufacturing plant

Reifenhauser extruder at Lollicup USA.

Reifenhauser extruder at Lollicup USA.

The company’s brand new, state-of-the-art extruder by the Reifenhauser Group is now in the process of being installed!

The new extruder will improve the company’s energy efficiency and manufacturing capabilities. Alan Yu, Lollicup USA CEO and co-founder, said Lollicup USA’s energy use is expected to decrease by 25 percent.

Peace Chen, a production supervisor at Lollicup USA, said this new machine will also increase the manufacturing capacity by 50 percent. The company anticipates it will manufacture more than 1 billion cups in 2016, Yu said.

It will also improve the quality of the finished product. The extruder will supply the company with thicker plastic sheets, which are for making plastic cups and lids.

Lollicup USA celebrates two-year anniversary of plant

Lollicup USA manufactures plastic cups in its Chino, CA warehouse.

Lollicup USA manufactures plastic cups in its Chino, CA warehouse.

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the operation of the company’s manufacturing facility in Chino, CA. Lollicup USA proudly manufactures many of its Karat products in the United States. The company held its grand opening in 2014 with just a few machines. Now the facility is packed full of automated, high-capacity and high-speed German equipment.

Poli Chou, production manager at Lollicup USA, said the plant began operations in 2014 with two extruders, one PET thermoforming machine, three paper cup forming machines and one printer for custom printing products.

After two years, the company now has a bustling manufacturing facility; complete with over 100 plant workers and various types of machinery, including, two PET extruders, one PP extruder, five thermoforming machines, eight paper cup forming machines, one paper slitting machine, one paper punching machine and four printers for custom printing.

The company is also installing a brand new state-of-the-art Reifenhäuser extruder, which will replace the extruders currently in use, and will increase production by 50 percent.

Lollicup USA is planning an expansion for its production capabilities with a second manufacturing plant. This second plant will be built in Rockwall, Texas, and is expected to open in 2018.

Combine sweet and salty flavors for a decadent coffee or tea

There is nothing stronger than a craving for an iced sea salt coffee. This tempting drink is all the rage at shops like 7 Leaves and 85C bakery. Lollicup® retail stores have an amazing sea salt tea option.

If you are looking to subtly enhance your coffee selection on your menu, quick and easy sea salt cream may be the perfect option for you.

Sea salt cream is a great way to make a plain coffee or tea more flavorful and interesting. The combination of sweet and salty has always been a favorite among lovers of sweet treats. From chocolate covered almonds to kettle corn.

Tea Zone® Sea Salt Cream Powder is a perfect substitute for milk foam and whipped cream. This powder is made without any additives.


  • 9 Lollicup scoops of Tea Zone Sea Salt Cream Powder (#P1044)
  • 1/6 Lollicup scoop of sea salt
  • 50 ml of heavy cream
  • 100 ml of milk


  • Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix until the ingredients are creamy.
  • Pour the cream over iced coffee or your preferred flavor of iced tea.
  • For a completed look, add a pinch of matcha, or another flavor of powder to the top of the beverage.

Specialty lemonade: a great treat for hot weather

Summer is just weeks away. Sun-kissed customers will soon pick up their favorite cold beverages on their break from the beach.

Summertime allows for a great opportunity to bring in seasonal cold drinks. Need some ideas? Try out special lemonades with Big Train® Shaken Lemonade Mix, which is flavored with real honey.

This powder is delicious enough to create simple lemonade, but is also ideal for making an Arnold Palmer, an Oolong Lemonade, Floral Lemonade and much more.

Here is a little inspiration:

Arnold Palmer:

Combine 3 scoops of Big Train Shaken Lemonade with 2 ounces of hot water to a shaker. Stir the concoction until it dissolves. Next add 3 ounces of cold water and 6 ounces of black tea or oolong tea. Shake well, decorate with your favorite garnish and serve!

Flavored Frozen Lemonade:

Combine 3 scoops of Big Train Shaken Lemonade with 2 ounces of your favorite flavored syrup. We recommend a Monin® syrup for this particular mixture. Try mango, blackcurrant, cranberry or wildberry. Combine the mixture of powder and syrup with 4 ounces of water and a cup filled past the top with ice. Blend all ingredients together in a blender. Garnish and serve.

Floral Lemonade:

Combine 2 scoops of Big Train Shaken Lemonade Mix with 2 ounces of hot water to a shaker and stir until the powder dissolves. Next add 2-3 ounces of Monin rose or lavender syrup and 2/3 cups of ice to the mixture. Shake well, decorate with your favorite garnish and serve.

Very Pink Lemonade:

Combine 3 scoops of Big Train Shaken Lemonade Mix with 2 ounces of hot water to a shaker and stir until the powder dissolves. Once dissolved, add 1.5 ounces of Tea Zone® Raspberry Syrup or Tea Zone Strawberry Syrup to the shaker. Next add 2/3 cup of ice, 2 ounces of hot water and 6 ounces of cold water. Shake well and serve.

There are many other options for cold, refreshing summer beverages. For more tips, tricks and goings on at Lollicup® USA, be sure to check back with us each week for a new post!

FunMix educates Lollicup on waffle powder mixes

Waffles can be topped with ice cream, powdered sugar, fruit and more.

Waffles can be topped with ice cream, powdered sugar, fruit and more.

FunMix, a brand of waffle mix powders and waffle irons, held a demonstration in Lollicup USA’s central kitchen this afternoon.

Representatives flew in from Taiwan to show attendees a few many of its waffle powder mixes.

One mix featured a rice base, another chocolate, and mochi. A gluten free option was also featured.

A highlight of this powder is how simple it is to make. No mechanical mixers are needed, and the product mixes easily with milk or water. The chocolate power is not recommended to use with milk because the finished product is not as flavorful, the representative said.

Mixes are quick and simple to make and the waffles can be topped with and decorated with fruit, whipped cream, chocolate or caramel sauce and more. Savory toppings and side dishes are also a great option. Chicken, French fries and salsa were among the more savory options. These powders can also have extra flavor added to them using flavored powders.

Alan Yu, Lollicup CEO and co-founder, said presentation is very important and an ordinary waffle on a plate by itself may be only a few dollars on a menu; however items with an exquisite presentation are worth spending more money on.

For more information about FunMix, stop by the brand’s booth at the International Dairy-Deli-Bake Seminar and Expo this weekend in Houston, TX.

Cappuccine presents high-quality, unique flavor profiles

Innovation and quality are key to Cappuccine’s success. Pete Kelly, a regional sales manager for Cappuccine, and Natasha Simone Ferguson, the marketing director for Cappuccine, stopped by Lollicup USA’s Chino headquarters to present beverage options to staff and customers.

Cappuccine was founded locally in 1991, and was the first company to ever create powdered frappe mixes.

Pete Kelly, regional sales manager for Cappuccine, creates samples for attendees.

Pete Kelly, regional sales manager for Cappuccine, creates samples for attendees.

What makes Cappuccine stand out from other major players is its focus on quality and authenticity, Kelly said.

These products do not include just “flavored ingredients,” but authentic add-ins. An example of this is the Extreme Toffee Coffee Mix, which has bits of real SKOR Butter Toffee Bars in the powder.

Unique flavors allow for customers to make simple yet innovative dessert alternatives, including pistachio frappes, cinnamon bun frappes and more. These are flavors that are not sold or many by many companies.

Kelly described the brand’s business model as one that intends to carve a niche in the already booming coffee and frappe industry. Cappuccine emphasizes high-quality and versatility.

Frappes are a top seller in the coffee business. In fact, the offer the highest dollar profit of any non-alcoholic beverage. The average profit for a 16 oz. frappe is about $2.99, Kelly said.

The frappe market is extremely lucrative, with the specialty coffee industry in the United States contributing to its success. The U.S. specialty coffee sales are increasing by 20 percent per year. These sales also account for nearly 8 percent of the 18 billion dollar U.S. coffee market.

“It’s [coffee] the $5 luxury that you’re not going to give up,” Kelly said.

Even in the most difficult economic times, the coffee business still manages to succeed.

The seminar continued on with a series of mouth-watering samples of both hot and cold beverages, made from the brand’s versatile mixes.

Customers taste tested red velvet, a hot chai, a toffee coffee blend made with cold toddy and more.

The 2016 vendor open house was a hit for customers and Lollicup USA staff alike. Keep your eyes peeled for information about next year’s vendor open house seminars.

Ghirardelli dazzles guests with decadent recipes and flavors

Aileen Avila, business development manager at Ghirardelli, pours samples for customers.

Aileen Avila, business development manager at Ghirardelli, pours samples for customers.

Ghirardelli brought delicious samples of frappe bases and syrups to Lollicup USA’s headquarters last Wednesday for the fourth vendor open house seminar of the year.

Although Ghirardelli is known best for its chocolate, the brand is remarkably versatile. This was the highlight of Ghirardelli’s seminar.

About six samples of icy and delicious blended beverages were made each session to show all of the different ingredients that can be paired with Ghirardelli; from tiramisu to dulce de leche.

Aileen Avila, a business development manager for Ghirardelli, encouraged customers to seek out unique flavors.

She said frappe bases are often mixed with juice, coffee and other ingredients to make very unique treats.

The first session’s taste testing began with a delicious chocolate chip banana bread pudding frappe. Avila blended Classic White Frappe Mix, a banana, water, ice and a graham cracker together to make an incredibly decadent drink.

Later in session Lollicup staff and customers had the opportunity to create their own recipe. The group decided to combined ingredients like milk, caramel, peanut butter, vanilla wafer cookies and Chocolate Frappe mix. The drink was deemed the “Lollicup special,” and the results were delicious.

Avila also stressed the importance of marketing a menu, products and the business as a whole.

Avila said getting customer’s attention is extremely important to maintaining a business. Any marketing efforts can help give your business the push it needs.

Tips were offered on how to create attractive menu boards and advertisements. Avila said ads can be made using free phone apps like VSCO, Aviary, Phonto and Pitch Stitch. These aps are great options for those on a tight budget.

Ghirardelli helps customer market products with its “Made with Ghirardelli” program. Food and beverages made with Ghirardelli products can be advertised as such. According to Ipsos Chocolate Consumer Monitor, nine out of 10 people are aware of the Ghirardelli brand.

There is one final vendor open house seminar of the year. Cappuccine with stop by Lollicup USA on Wednesday, June 1.

Oregon Chai, DaVinci Gourmet and Big Train inspire customers at open house

Last Wednesday’s vendor open house brought about a very important aspect of the foodservice industry: variety.

Nate Booth, a senior corporate accounts manager for Kerry Foodservice Brands, showcased some of the best products from top brands; from chai flavors to kid-inspired drink mixes.

The events began with an introduction to the well-renown Oregon Chai brand, which is the no. 1 selling chai brand.

Nate Booth discusses DaVinci smoothie mix,

Nate Booth discusses DaVinci smoothie mix.

Chai sales are continuously on the rise as people seek alternatives to coffee drinks. Booth said 49 percent of coffee shops, donut shops and cafes have chai on their menus.

For those not already serving chai, Booth encouraged them to try out Oregon Chai’s delicious Chai Tea Latte Concentrate. Guests had the opportunity to taste this sweet and simple mix during the session.

Booth followed his Oregon Chai demonstration with an in-depth conversation about DaVinci Gourmet products. While this brand carries a wild variety of products, it began with its focus on coffee beverages.

“DaVinci Gourmet (syrups) was made for coffee,” Booth said. The brand was founded in Seattle, WA in the 1990s and was developed to focus on accenting espresso.

This is what makes these syrups stand out from other leading brands. DaVinci Gourmet flavors perform very well in both hot and cold coffee drinks.

Flavor is a necessity, Booth said. “Not everyone likes an Americano.” Guests chuckled and nodded.

Flavored beverages add uniqueness and quality to beverages that might otherwise be ordinary. Adding flavor to beverages can increase profits by 10-40 percent, he said.

Along with syrups, Booth highlighted the brand’s sauces. Each flavor breaks down and infuses the beverage instead of drifting to the bottom of the cup. These sauces thoroughly and evenly add flavor.

“We want the first sip to taste like the last sip,” Booth said.

The final presentation featured Big Train, a brand of tasty powder drink mixes and concentrates. Seminar attendees had the opportunity to help create and taste test some of Big Train’s Blended Creme products, including a flavor from its Kidz Kreamz line.

Two more vendor open house sessions are available for sign-ups. On May 18, Ghirardelli will present its incredible selection of products. Click here for more information and for RSVP instructions.