Lollicup USA reaches $123 million in sales

Happy New Year to all of our loyal customers and partners! We can’t wait to work with again through 2017 and beyond.

Once again, Lollicup USA, Inc. had a very successful year. In 2016, the company brought in new machines that will enhance manufacturing capability, and it opened a new warehouse in Wilmer, TX.

With the opening of a new facility, the company also expanded employment significantly. The company now has 400 employees.

It also saw a 23 percent increase in sales; from $100 million to $123 million. In 2017, Lollicup USA has plans to improve its efficiency by offering extensive training opportunities for its employees across all departments.

The company hopes more training will better improve efficiency and communication between coworkers, including understanding workloads within departments. Improved efficiency will also make surpassing the company’s 2017 sales goal more possible. Alan Yu, Lollicup USA’s CEO and co-founder, said $160 million is the target for sales this year.

In addition to boosting sales, the company will continue to bring in new product lines that will help us better provide for our customers to meet their demands and needs.

Prepare for winter with winter-inspired flavor

Winter is here and with it comes new opportunities for seasonal drink options.

Seasonal products can often turn an ordinary shop, into a five-star yelp review, customer favorite. It is important to bring in new, limited items to help keep customers interested in your location.

This can often inspire them to return throughout the year to see what else your store offers.

Lollicup carries many must-have products for winter and the holidays.

Here are some of the best flavors for winter:


Peppermint is one of the most notable holiday flavors. It is most often enjoyed in the form of candy cane, but is also popular in coffee and chocolate beverages.

Lollicup offers peppermint syrups from many brands, including 1883 Maison Routin, Torani, Monin and DaVinci Gourmet. These syrups can be used to simply enhance a mocha, latte and cocoa.

For a quick and simple way to add this flavor to a dessert or a drink, drizzle Torani® peppermint bark sauce over the top. This sauce is a great way to turn a delicious yet ordinary treat into a seasonal favorite.

Aside from syrup, Lollicup also carries organic peppermint tea by Harney & Sons, which has many health benefits.


The holidays are often known for spicy scents and flavors. Along with the deliciously popular chai, cinnamon holds a special place in the hearts of those who love hot winter drinks.

Monin, Torani, 1883 Maison Routin and DaVinci Gourmet all offer high-quality cinnamon syrups. Sugar-free options are also available.

Cappuccine, which specializes in frappe mixes, has an incredibly sweet cinnamon bun frappe mix that is sure to attract customers.


This flavor is delicious year-round, but is especially tasty poured over classic fall and winter coffee beverages. Lollicup carries the caramel flavor in many forms, from flavored powders to sauces in several different brands.

Create a traditional caramel macchiato or something entirely new.


For information on how to use some of these great products, check the blog periodically for recipe ideas.

Get ready for the holiday season with new stock prints

Lollicup USA sweater print cups will give customers the warm, cozy holiday feeling.

Lollicup USA sweater print cups will give customers a warm, cozy holiday feeling.

Lollicup USA’s new holiday print products are now available.

With the holidays around the corner, now is a great time to prepare.

The new design features a holiday-themes sweater print that is perfect for winter.

Cup jackets, paper food containers and hot cups are all available.

Once November hits, many people excitedly begin putting up their holiday decorations. Many are very enthused by the season, and love when businesses participate as well. For example, consider the public’s obsession over Starbucks special holiday cups.

Bob Phibbs of mentioned that decorating for the holidays can be an excellent marketing tool for a business. He said it combines the new and the familiar to change the atmosphere of a store.

“There is a reason better merchants pull out all the stops during December – it jolts jaded shoppers into the higher brain area that engages child-like wonder,” Phibbs said.

If you are hoping to draw in the crowd this holiday season, the new Karat holiday print is a great start.

Ease pumpkin pie cravings

Halloween is almost here and stores are already beginning to clear out selections of Halloween candy and spooky décor. If you haven’t done so already, now is the perfect time to start planning to bring out new seasonal menu items.

Luckily, there are so many unique options to choose from because of our vendors. Here is a great example by DaVinci Gourmet®:

Pumpkin Pie Shake:

  • 1 ounce DaVinci Gourmet® Pumpkin Pie Syrup
  • 1 1/4 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 1 ounce milk


Combine ingredients in a blender set on high speed and blend until smooth.

Visit the DaVinci Gourmet website for more recipes.

Embrace fall flavors from Lollicup USA

1883 is a very high-quality syrup brand that specializes in creating authentic flavor.

1883 is a high-quality syrup brand that specializes in creating authentic flavor.

Halloween is on its way, so now is a great tome to bring out delicious fall flavor.

The passing of summer is always a bit bittersweet. The warm air and sunny, blue sky is replaced by a new crisp atmosphere. The leaves change and a cool breeze comes in, and now pumpkin spice has permeated what seems like every coffee shop, cafe and restaurant in America.

Be prepared. Stock up on all of the fall favorites to keep your customers coming back this season.

Lollicup USA carries all of the products you need to keep up with the demand. The company carries many different brands with top-notch products.

Earlier this year, the company brought in premium quality syrups by 1883 Maison Routin, a French company that focuses on creating extremely authentic flavors. 1883 offers several flavors that would be delicious in a fall treat. Try out pumpkin spice, hazelnut, caramel, apple and more.

Torani offers a delicious pumpkin pie sauce that can be drizzled over a refreshing coffee drink, hot chocolate or dessert item. Torani also offers syrups that work perfectly for celebrating fall.

Chai is another great flavor that is enjoyed all year, but is especially great in the fall. Lollicup USA offers many chai options, from latte mixes to flavored syrups.

Lollicup USA to attend Coffee Fest Anaheim

Lollicup® USA, Inc. will feature its product selection at booth 454 at Coffee Fest this weekend, Sept. 30 through Oct. 2.

Coffee Fest features top players in the coffee industry, including roasters, equipment manufacturers, syrup experts and more.

Lollicup USA will bring its selection of Karat® hot cups, cold cups, cup accessories and more. The company features many great options for coffee shop owners and distributors, including ripple and insulated hot cups, stock printed cups and cup jackets and colorful enclosure lids. Lollicup USA manufactures many of its Karat products at its production facility in Chino, CA.

The company will also showcase and sample some of its tasty Tea Zone® tea products, including a lychee jasmine green tea, a matcha green tea smoothie, a tropical slush and more.

Tea Zone specializes in food and beverage ingredients, including flavored powders, bubble tea supplies, syrups and more.

Coffee Fest will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Reifenhauser extruder installed and begins testing phase

Lollicup USA has made great progress in installing its brand new Reifenhauser extruder.

The extruder, which was originally announced this past spring, sprawls across the company’s manufacturing plant. It is so large, its pieces were shipped in about 28 different containers.

Testing began Sept. 1 and production is expected to begin by the end of October, said production supervisor Ron Gonzales.

The machine rumbled as Gonzales explained how the process works.

“This [machine] is the Cadillac,” he said.

Both recycled resin and new resin are used to create Karat plastic products. Gonzales said because Lollicup recycles all of its unused plastic material, its waste is close to nothing.

The process begins when resin is dispensed into the machine and is melted down into a liquid plastic. The liquid hits cold rollers (set at 25 degrees Celsius) and solidifies, then the thickness of the newly formed plastic sheet is measured. The plastic is coated with silicon to prevent bacterial growth, then the sheets are cut and rolled.

This new extruder is expected to improve the company’s manufacturing capabilities by at least 40 percent. Once fully operable, the company’s smaller extruders will be shut down.

Lollicup USA Inc. ranks on Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies

For the fourth consecutive year, Lollicup USA was added to the Inc. 5000. However, this year the company ranked higher on the list than it ever has before. In 2013 the company ranked no. 2912, in 2014 no. 2939 and 2015 no. 3267. This year Lollicup USA ranked no. 2908 on the list.

Placement on the Inc. 5000 list is determined according to the percentage growth of a company’s annual revenue. A 3-year growth rate determines which companies make the cut, and where they place on the list.

This year, the company’s revenue grew 118 percent over the past three years, and had $100.2 million in 2015. Lollicup USA is committed to continuing its growth streak, with more sales and new Karat products launching regularly.

In addition to this growth, the company has also been expanding into other parts of the United States.

Lollicup USA recently opened a fourth warehouse, which is located in Wilmer, Texas. The company has also begun plans to build a manufacturing facility in Rockwall, Texas. This will be Lollicup USA’s second US-based manufacturing plant.