Cappuccine highlights exquisite flavors at annual vendor open house

It’s another year, and our annual Vendor Open House seminars kicked off with a great discussion and presentation by Pete Kelly from Cappuccine®. Kelly, a regional sales manager for Cappuccine, pulled out all the stops with some of the brands most successful and delicious flavor options.

“Everything we do exudes quality,” Kelly said as customers taste tested blended frappes.

The presentation began with an overview of industry information. Kelly said the coffee and frappe industry is a very lucrative business.

Cappuccine samples frappes at annual open house seminar.

Specialty coffee sales are increasing 20 percent per year, and account for nearly 8 percent the $18 billion coffee market. Iced, frozen and blended beverages are the top growing beverage trends, he said.

Thanks to the growing frappe market, Cappuccine has flourished since its founding in 1991. The brand offers a variety of flavors, many of which are sold at Lollicup USA.

Cappuccine products are both delicious and simple to make, making them ideal for business owners who seek a high-quality, hassle-free menu option. These award-winning powders can be mixed with milk or water. They also mix very well with coffee.

During the seminar, Kelly sampled out many top-selling flavors. Pistachio, matcha, cookies n’ cream and red velvet were so popular that some customers placed orders for them immediately following the event. These flavors offer a delicious authenticity that not all powder brands have. The red velvet flavor truly gives customers that realistic cream cheese flavor that red velvet cake often features.

Kelly also sampled the beloved Extreme Toffee Coffee flavor by blending ice, milk and a delicious toddy cold brew. Not only does this product create a bold, sweet taste, it also is enhanced by bits of Skor® candy bar.

The first vendor open house session of the year was a major success. This week, Kerry will stop by to discuss and demonstrate Big Train®, DaVinci Gourmet® and Oregon Chai®. For more information about these weekly seminars, please contact your sales representative.

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