Tea Zone

About Tea Zone

Discover Tea Zone® ’s extensive line of unique flavored syrups, drink powders and tea leaves. Get creative in the kitchen with high quality drink and dessert ingredients. Top off desserts or add some fun to drinks with delicious add-ons including: chewy boba (tapioca pearls), juicy popping pearls, mini rice cake mochi, puddings, and jellies. Tea Zone’s products cater to all. The large selection will allow customers to craft endless combinations of unique drinks and desserts, regardless of what type of shop they run.


Brand Vision

The Tea Zone® brand aims to not only be a fun and fresh option for beverage ingredients, but also a high-quality option. Tea Zone strives to bring in the most delicious flavors to help create customers’ most loved food and drink items. The brand seeks to carry a wide variety of essentials and unique items to expand customers’ horizons, and to help them make their establishments well known for their incredible flavor.

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