3 Top Technology Trends in QSR

Technology is ever evolving and it can feel overwhelming to keep up with the latest and greatest tech.

The foodservice industry is no stranger to technology reforms. In fact technology is helping consumers and quick service restaurant owners in a major way.
There are many new technologies to start working with but we’ve come down to a top 3 of QSR technology you should start working with if you’re a small café to a bigger franchise.

Online Ordering & Delivery

There’s no secret that online ordering and delivery are becoming the social norm for consumers. Yet there are still so many restaurants that don’t have an online ordering system or delivery.
The great way of online ordering whether it’s in house or using a 3rd party company is that it helps consumers cut down on time. Society is on the go, offer them convenience and they will come your way.
Apps like Door Dash Grub Hub and Uber Eats have allowed QSR to use their technology without doing all the heavy lifting themselves. Make online ordering and delivery your priority before you get left in the dust of the technological shift.

Data is everywhere and if you don’t think it relates to your foodservice business you are wrong. We are constantly giving out data and receiving data. Now is the time to use data the customers so willingly give us to work.

How do you collect data? With technology through POS systems, apps and online delivery apps you’ll be able to learn more about what your customers like and want and how to retarget that information to gain profit.

If you can create an app, utilize social media, and email marketing you’ll have enough data to start analyzing your consumers. Another great way to find data? A loyalty program. Tailor and target your customers with customized deals based off of their interactions with your program.

Waste Management
Technology is a powerful tool when it comes to tracking your waste. Inventory tracking technology is key when it comes to reducing a restaurants waste.
Look into how certain tracking systems can help you regulate your business all the way from knowing when you’re low on spinach to toilet paper.

Tracking systems will also allow you to keep better track on what is being used and what isn’t being used in your shop allowing more accurate inventory orders, knowing when your inventory is going to expire and allows you to assess your business in and out to stop unnecessary waste of money.

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