How Virtual Restaurants Are Changing the Food Service Industry

For the past 2 years, ghost restaurants or virtual restaurants have grown in popularity, but are still uncommonly known to the public. They are essentially a restaurant that has no storefront and delivery apps are giving them the tools to operate this way.

How did Ghost Restaurants Become Popular?

In short, technology; A restaurant with no face can seem sort of scary for some people, but delivery apps like Uber Eats and Door Dash have been helping restaurants make it happen.
UberEats has been helping restaurants by setting up how to utilize their delivery service specifically for virtual prospects only. DoorDash even set up a community kitchen for people to cook and deliver their food to customers.

With the growing popularity of apps like Instagram that allow people to showcase their own food people are eating with their eyes and want to get their hands whatever food looks amazing on social media.

With that being said delivery apps for virtual restaurants are going to become the new normal. That sushi restaurant you love down the street may be a ghost restaurant specializing in ramen or poke bowls under a new name but the same kitchen.

Another popular trend for foodservice establishments to do is create a whole menu targeted towards delivery; adding only popular items, new items, and even price changes to entice delivery customers.

As more and more people order from a delivery app it might be more profitable to go the virtual way as you don’t have to worry about storefront costs, and customer service. Virtual restaurants only focus on the most important aspect: the food!