Get ready for the holiday season with new stock prints

Lollicup USA sweater print cups will give customers the warm, cozy holiday feeling.

Lollicup USA sweater print cups will give customers a warm, cozy holiday feeling.

Lollicup USA’s new holiday print products are now available.

With the holidays around the corner, now is a great time to prepare.

The new design features a holiday-themes sweater print that is perfect for winter.

Cup jackets, paper food containers and hot cups are all available.

Once November hits, many people excitedly begin putting up their holiday decorations. Many are very enthused by the season, and love when businesses participate as well. For example, consider the public’s obsession over Starbucks special holiday cups.

Bob Phibbs of mentioned that decorating for the holidays can be an excellent marketing tool for a business. He said it combines the new and the familiar to change the atmosphere of a store.

“There is a reason better merchants pull out all the stops during December – it jolts jaded shoppers into the higher brain area that engages child-like wonder,” Phibbs said.

If you are hoping to draw in the crowd this holiday season, the new Karat holiday print is a great start.