Lollicup USA will soon carry syrups by 1883

Lollicup® USA Inc. is excited to announce that it will begin carrying 50 delicious syrups by French company, 1883 Maison Routin. Customers can now purchase these exclusive syrups from Lollicup USA.

The hallmark of 1883 is its commitment to purity and excellence. Not only do these syrups have a high-end look, they are crafted with taste satisfaction in mind. The company’s unique flavors include passion fruit, Yuzu lemon, pistachio and much more.1883’s syrups have a natural flavor, making them perfect for coffee houses, bars, frozen yogurt shops and juice bars.


1883 Maison Routin offers many premium flavors, perfect for cocktails, sodas, coffee and more.

By becoming a distributor of 1883, Lollicup USA has made these syrups much more accessible to the west coast area. The company’s distribution centers in California, Washington and South Carolina will all have 1883 syrups in stock. This overall increases the brand’s presence across the United States.

Alan Yu, Lollicup USA co-founder and CEO, said by making these syrups more accessible domestically, the company will be able to sell 1883 syrups at a very competitive price compared to other high-end brands flavored syrups. Lollicup is one of the few American companies to carry 1883’s products. It is also the only distributor to carry it on the west coast.

Joanne Wang, vice president of sales and operations at Lollicup USA, said until now 1883 has had a limited presence in the U.S. distributor network. She said most distributors have a difficult time finding a re-distributor like Lollicup USA that carries the syrup locally.

She said with this new selection, Lollicup USA is expected to see an increase in mid-sized reseller and ecommerce business.

Customers will have two different options for purchasing the syrups, since Lollicup USA will also be selling them on its ecommerce website, All syrups are expected to arrive by April 2016.

Monin smoothie mixes ease heat wave


Monin smoothie mixes are great for warm days.

Here at Lollicup USA’s headquarters in California, we’ve been experiencing a heat wave! It definitely does not feel like winter, and it has inspired us to start thinking about refreshing drinks that are perfect for warmer days.

Get prepared now, with delicious products by Monin®.

Tasty smoothies are always a favorite among customers in the summer and spring. Monin smoothie mixes are an incredible all natural option for creating a flavorful cold smoothie.

All smoothie mixes by Monin are dairy free and gluten free, which makes them great for almost anyone to enjoy. These are a delicious alternative to dairy-based beverages.

With these mixes, you can also be a bit more creative by making cold milkshakes or frozen cocktails.

Lollicup® USA carries six different flavors of Monin’s smoothie mix, including Piña Colada, which is a tropical favorite.

Wildberry Fruit Smoothie mix is an excellent option for those seeking the fresh taste of a ripe piece of fruit. Each of these mixes are sure to satisfy any fruity craving.

For more products by Monin, contact your sales representative today!